Why Bizweb?

We create and implement solutions for your business to increase your online sales and income by four times or more in a year. GUARANTEED!!

What We Offer

Your online presence is absolutely critical to your business! Consisting of a well-optimised website, multiple traffic generation channels enable your business to grow exponentially year on year. Your online audience can consist of potential customers, current customers or clients, suppliers, possible investors, new staff or business partners. What you do now could create massive opportunities for your business and bank balance going forward.

To connect your business in the shortest possible time, with the largest number of new and existing paying customers or clients, enabling you to experience a steady flow of leads and profits that only great online marketing can provide.
– There are clients out there looking for the products and services you provide.
– Will they find you or your competitors?

“Prognosis Without Diagnosis is Malpractice” You won’t hear me tell you that we can get you to the first page on Google in such a time without first looking over your online business, conduct competitor analysis and work with you on your online goals. Your online Goals are my business goals – if you exceed them then you will want to keep Bizweb around to continue to grow your business! That is a true win win for you, me and your clients.

  • Online Marketing Consulting 80% 80%
  • Marketing Campaigns 45% 45%
  • Custom Website Design 60% 60%
Bizweb Online Marketing Guru Brisbane

Our Work Flow

Discovery Call

Cost-free, obligation-free call on skype or phone to see if there is a possibility that we are a fit and we aren’t already working with a business similar to yours.

Research Phase

From the discovery call – we decide whether we go forward by conducting a market and competitor research report. This costs $1000 and is deducted off your first month should we continue further.

Ongoing Committment

If you make it through the research phase, we will present you with an intital strategy based on your online business goals and we grow your business.

“Your online presence is critical to your business” 

Frequently Asked Questions

Because this is serious business, we field a lot of questions about how our offering works. Everyone knows someone that has tried Facebook ads or Google Adwords and it didn’t work. Some nephew just out of high school made the website and did the ads and it was a waste of time and money.

What do you expect?

Why put the most critical research tool and decision-making engine for your customers and clients in the hands of anyone but a professional with years of experience in this industry.

We use technologies and carry out online marketing techniques that will be taught in universities in 3 years time!

This industry is evolving quicker than the tertiary institutions can keep up with the curriculum – what is cutting edge now will be taught to students in two years at best, so by the time they graduate and implement it, it’s too late. Plus the levels of investment that are at play can only be replicated in the real world. Deal with someone that does this on a daily basis from a time when there were no smartphones or Facebook.

What kind of clients do you work with?

A business must qualify to work with Bizweb, we choose very carefully who we will work with. We offer a unique guarantee and for that to work we need to know that what we have to offer will work with your business and goals. Bizweb will not work with your competitors – we can only get one of you the maximum results for your industry in your target location.

We only work with clients that have the budget to be serious, unfortunately, if you are a startup with no capital or proven business model then we are not a fit just yet.

What is your turn around time?

Online marketing is not a set and forget medium. It is all about testing small, testing many and getting a desired result that can then be scaled. We will work a minimum of 12 months together with a call every two weeks.

Will this work for my business?

Should you qualify – I guarantee you that we will grow your online business by double the amount that you invest in our services in twelve consecutive months or we will work with you free of charge until you do. Yes, there is a signed commitment to that guarantee.

The caveat here is -should you qualify. We will only work with you if we can make a massive difference.

We will only work with you if we can make a massive difference to ypur online business – I don’t like working for free!

Don't Be Shy

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