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Email Configuration can be one of the biggest humbugs for us from time to time. Email – it is one of those things that when it is working all is good, but when it is not, it is a pain in the arse!

You might get a new phone or laptop, or you may change website hosting (which is a common one for us) and the next thing is that you find that your email is not working. Oh oh!

And since we have clients all over the world, setting up your email is not something that our team or I can visit your office and do. So I have put together this video so that you can set up your emails yourself.

Please feel free to watch it as many times as you want to, because it is in times of need that a video on this topic is Gold!

Since shooting this video over a year ago, I now have a new recommendation as far as email handling is concerned. That recommendation is to use a great Google product called G-Suite.

For $5/month per user and the ease of use G-Suite it is a proposition really worth looking at, so much so that we use it for our Bizweb & BossTechweb emails ourselves.