Facebook Lead Ads

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What is a Facebook Lead Ad?
How different is it to a normal facebook Ad?

In the video above I show you a Facebook Lead Ad. 

The difference is that the form that the visitor fills out is done within the Facebook platform itself rather than on the website page (known as a landing page) that you send them to on a normal ad. 

With the lead ad, Facebook can auto complete some info (name, email address, phone number etc.) from the visitors profile information.

This creates less resistance and visitors feel safer doing so inside of Facebook. They then have to opportunity to visit the landing page, but you have their details so you can further market to them if they choose to take no further action.

Facebook Lead pages convert well, and in my opinion are worth testing for your business.

Don't you hate these things?

However, testing shows that these ‘Exit-intention pop-ups’ increase visitor engagement by 10-60%

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