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Running Facebook competitions without getting banned

How to Run Facebook Contests Without Getting Banned

How to Run Facebook Contests Without Getting Banned


Facebook contests can be an incredibly effective way to boost engagement, grow your audience, and increase visibility for your brand or business. However, with Facebook’s strict guidelines and policies, it’s essential to navigate this space carefully to avoid the risk of getting banned. This article offers a comprehensive guide on how to run Facebook contests that are both engaging and compliant with Facebook’s rules.

Understanding Facebook’s Guidelines

Before you launch Facebook contests, it’s crucial to familiarise yourself with Facebook’s promotion guidelines. These rules are designed to maintain the platform’s integrity and user experience. Key guidelines include:

  • Promotion on Pages, Groups, and Events Only: Run Facebook contests on your business Page, Group, or Event, not on personal profiles.
  • Release Facebook of Responsibility: Include a complete release of Facebook by each entrant or participant.
  • Acknowledge That the Promotion Isn’t Sponsored by Facebook: Clearly state that the contest is not sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook.

Planning Your Contest

  1. Define Your Objectives: Whether it’s increasing likes, boosting engagement, or promoting a new product, having a clear objective will guide your contest’s design.
  2. Choose the Type of Contest: Decide whether it will be a sweepstakes, a photo contest, a caption contest, etc.
  3. Set Clear Rules and Eligibility Criteria: This includes age, location restrictions, and any other criteria relevant to your contest.
  4. Decide on a Prize: Ensure the prize is relevant and appealing to your target audience.
  5. Determine the Contest Duration: Set start and end dates, keeping in mind the time needed to promote and manage the contest.

Promoting Your Contest

Effective promotion is key to successful Facebook contests. Here are some strategies:

  • Create Eye-Catching Graphics: Use compelling visuals to grab attention.
  • Leverage Your Existing Audience: Promote your contest in posts, stories, and through Facebook ads.
  • Utilize Email Lists: If you have an email list, send out an announcement about your contest.
  • Cross-Promote on Other Social Platforms: Use other social media platforms to drive traffic to your Facebook contest.

Engaging With Participants

Engagement doesn’t end when someone enters your contest. Keep participants engaged by:

  • Posting Regular Updates: Keep the excitement alive with regular updates about the contest.
  • Responding to Comments and Questions: Stay active in the comments section to build a community feel.
  • Showcasing Entries (if applicable): If it’s a photo or video contest, showcase some of the entries to encourage more participation.

Selecting and Announcing Winners

  1. Choose Winners Fairly: Use a random selection tool if it’s a sweepstakes or have clear criteria for judged contests.
  2. Announce Winners Publicly: Post the winners on your Facebook Page and other channels.
  3. Notify Winners Privately: Contact the winners directly through email or Facebook messenger to arrange for prize delivery.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Asking Participants to Share on Their Timeline: This violates Facebook’s rules.
  • Asking Participants to Tag Friends: You cannot ask participants to tag friends in the contest post to enter.
  • Neglecting to Review and Update the Contest Rules: Ensure your rules are comprehensive and compliant with Facebook’s policies.

Best Practices for a Successful Contest

  • Use a Third-Party App: Consider using a third-party app designed for social media contests. This can help ensure compliance and simplify management.
  • Monitor the Contest Regularly: Keep an eye on the contest for any issues or policy violations.
  • Learn From Each Contest: Analyze what worked and what didn’t for future contests.


Running Facebook contests can be a fantastic way to engage with your audience, but it’s important to play by the rules to avoid getting banned. By understanding and adhering to Facebook’s guidelines, planning meticulously, promoting effectively, and engaging with your audience, you can run a successful Facebook contest that achieves your business goals without risking a ban.

Remember, the key to successful Facebook contests is not just in attracting participants but in fostering a sense of community and excitement around your brand. With careful planning and execution, your Facebook contest can be a powerful tool in your social media marketing arsenal.

There’s your comprehensive guide to running Facebook contests in a way that’s both effective and compliant with the platform’s guidelines. By following these steps, you can ensure your contests are a hit with your audience while keeping your Facebook presence secure and thriving.

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