Multiple Income Streams


extra traffic stream

Your Business Branded Social Media Platform

Can you imagine owning your own social media platform? 

Complete with built-in ad spaces to be seen by your thousands of members.

Building and contributing to your dynamic community. 

Sponsors will pay you to be in-front of your niche community, a captive audience for their products. 

Social Media Content

monthly revenue

Streaming Video Plaform like Netflix

What if you could take all your content from another video platform and display it, for a monthly fee, for your tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands or millions of subscribers? 

How much would those people pay to support your journey? 

What could you do for them, or show them using the extra revenue? It could enhance the quality of your content. 

monthly revenue

Native Ads On your Site

Other businesses will pay to have their products and brand on your site. 

How much is an advertising space worth to a company, who wants to sell to your audience demographic? 
$10,000 per year? Per month? 

How many companies would pay you for this priviliege to be seen by your fans? 

These sponsored, native ads on your site can help grow your revenue. 

monthly revenue

Membership Website

If your site had 1,000 members paying $10/month… 
If your site had 20,000 members paying $25/month … 

  • All of your content, on your site for members to binge watch
  • Special new content for members only 
  • Their own social-platform community to indulge in

If you combined the social media platform, plus the video-on-demand service and native ads, you’d have yourself a booming, dynamic business machine, catering for your people. 


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