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Why Bizweb Website Hosting?

Because it is the best we have seen for the price. Yes there is cheaper website hosting for $5/month or $15/month, but if that is all your best business tool is worth to you then we really don’t want to be dealing with you. Nothing personal, it just means you do not see the value in having a sound system that houses the main marketing hub for your website.

But all Website Hosting is the same – isn’t it?

Nope!!! There is a lot of dodgyness out in the web hosting world and many of the cheap and nasty hosts allow many many many websites on the same server space – that’s why it is so cheap!

And good old Google, Bing etc will look at who you share your IP Address with and then they will judge your website by the company that you keep. Kind of like how your parents did the same with your friends or your first date. So if you keep company with Gambling or Naked Photo sites, and other super dubious goings on (like having a crack dealer in your street), you can expect allsorts of dubious visitors frequenting the same IP Address, bring unwanted attention from all sorts of viruses etc.

But my website is seperate!

Oh yeah? So you think! There are many holes that remain open and your site is in danger. If you don’t believe me, just click here and visit this super dooper web hosting spy page and enter your domain name and take a look under the covers of your server and see who you are in bed with.

Bizweb Website Hosting $30/mth (AUD + GST if applicable).

Is fantastic, and only our clients are hosted here (check on the link above if you like) keeping it super clean. Plus you get all of the other features below…

  • Blazing Fast page load speeds (no need for caching plugins)
  • Premium SSL Certificate and installation. (Now Critical for SEO)
  • Daily Security Scans of your website (clean and delete any malware or any viruses that may have snuck in)
  • Daily Website Backups and Storage of said Backups (shit happens sometimes and if we need to reinstate your website we can)

This service costs us an absolute SHITLOAD and it is not paying for itself yet as far as what our clients pay monthly versus our outlay –  however the ROI of having this great service is by far outweighed due to the lack of issues for our clients.

One Caveat – There is no email hosting included with this service!

Best practice of late is to have your email separate to your website so that you can keep everything clean because many nasty e-bugs are transmitted by email. So you may need to set up your own email or keep that with your current dodgy host.

Our recommendation is (and the service we use for all of our email – which of course is the best option) use G-Suite or the business version of Gmail – It ROCKS!!!

As with all Bizweb products – we are not the cheapest, we may not be the fastest, but we offer a Premium Solution at an affordable price plus it works!!

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