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Why The Facebook Pixel Google Codes & Tags are So Important

The Facebook Pixel & the Google Tracking Code are super important for your website because of the great historic data that it can give you.

For example…

  • Google Keeps Data for 540 Days
  • YouTube Keeps Data for 540 Days
  • Facebook Keeps Pixel Data for 180 Days
  • Instagram Keeps Pixel Data for 180 Days
  • Bing Keeps Tag Data for 180 Days
  • Twitter Keeps Pixel Data for 90 Days.

So when the time comes for you to step up and do paid ads or just remarketing or retargeting using tracking pixels you can create awesome lookalike audiences and targeting segmentation based upon actual behaviours on your site and social media accounts.

This is Online Marketing Gold!! Contact me if you need help with your pixel installation or any other retargeting/remarketing strategies.

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